Мануальная терапия, лечение позвоночника, остеохондроза, сколиоза, дисплазии ТБС

The methodology

Therapy of Rickets (manual impact) – it is an ancient art. I have a deep respect to people, who like me contributes with the help of their discoveries to the further development of the art of treatment using natural methods. Nothing should escape from the eyes and hand of experienced doctor, and then he can reductionof displacedvertebrae and do not hurt the patient. The higher theart of healing – by that the lessharm itwill bringto the patient.” by Hippocrates.

Manual therapy has two characteristics, defining her place in medicine. At first, it has an intensivereflex actionin the segment that is why it is one of the numerous methods reflexologyandphysiotherapy. At the second it is an extremely effective method of treatingdisordersof the musculoskeletalsystemand also specific method of treating reversible functionaldisorders or blocking of joints.


-          History of manual therapy
-          Modern ideas about treatment effect of manual  therapy
-          Glossary
-          The diagnosis and  choice of subsequent treatment
-          Classificationof functionalblockades
-          The main types of the musculoskeletal disorders
-          Indications and contraindications for manual therapy
-          Manual medicine for diseases of the internal organs
-          Blockingand its consequences
-          Motor functionsof human
-          Neurological disorders in diskalgias and dorsopathies

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