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New published Articles:

27.02.11 Video – Interviews (“City” TV channel; Rubric: City-therapy) Treatment of flatfoot in children

26.02.11 I InternationalConference of Neurologists.  Ukraine, Yaremche town. «Veynovskie Reading2011«

26.02.11 Video – Interviews (“City” TV channel; Rubric: City-therapy) Treatment of torticollis in children

20.09.10 Video – Interviews (“City” TV channel; Rubric: City-therapy) Babies treatment with the help of methods of manual therapy  

19.09.10 Video – Interviews (“City” TV channel; Rubric: City-therapy) Modern ideas on treatment of intervertebralhernia and osteochondrosis

19.08.10 Treatment of spine and backache

30.05.10 Video – Interviews (“Inter” TV channel; Rubric: Quacks) Treatment of scoliosis

27.12.09 Video – Interviews (“City” TV channel; Rubric: City-therapy 23.12.09)

27.07.09 Video – Interviews (“UBC” TV channel; 27.06.09 – 15:40, 22:10)

 06.02.09 “Attention! Inactive children!» («Gazeta po-kievsky»)

 03.07.08 “About lumbago with delight (attack of osteochondrosis)” (Gazeta po-kievsky 148 (1246))

17.04.08 “How to eliminate hernia of intervertebral disks without consequences” (Gazeta po-kievsky №88 (1186))

03.04.08 “To attune organism like a piano” (Gazeta po-kievsky №76 (1176))

20.03.08 “When baby need a manual therapy” (Gazeta po-kievsky №64 (1162))

06.03.08 “Manual therapy for the expectant mother” (Gazeta po-kievsky №53 (1151))

20.01.08 “Treatment of torticollis and flatfoot in children” (Interview)

01.08.07 “Treatment of hernias without surgery” (interview)

01.02.07 “Scoliosis treated only “fresh” (Gazeta po-kievsky 23 (833))

15.01.07 “VVD: when the pain is not something it hurts” (Gazeta po-kievsky № 35(833))

23.11.06 “About torticollis in children” (Gazeta po-kievsky)

09.11.06 “Unexpectedly – about osteochondrosis” (Gazeta po-kievsky № 254 (754))

01.09.06 “If baby began to clubfoot”(Your BABY №9)

01.09.06 “Keep your back straight” (Your health №9)

01.02.06 “Manual therapy instead of stirrups” (Your health № 3)

01.11.06 “In our house there is no common cold” (Your Health №6)

11.05.05 “Manual medicine is an alternative way” (Your health №3)

10.04.05 “Your spine is responsible for all” (Your Health № 2)

A partial list of publications of Ignatyev G. V. to 2004 year:

The newspaper «Poltava Zorya«:

23.05.2003 “Method of treatment of Ignatyev can help to become healthy without medicament”

18.06.2003 “Danger of scoliosis disease. Causes and treatment.”

20.07.2003 “Dr. Ignatyev: don’t miss a chance to become healthy.”

06.06.2004 “By the method of Dr. Ignatyev.”

 The magazine«Traditional Medicine«:

№1(9).2000 Ignatyev Gennady Vasilyevych

The magazine: “World of Medicine”

06.2002 “Unique method of treatment of Dr. Ignatyev without medicaments and injections”

The newspaper «Wang»:

№6(42) “Unique methods of treatment without tablets and scalpel”

08.02.1996 “The main thing in the life is health”

№2(38) “Gift given from God”

№7(54 ) “There is no more happiness than be healthy”

№1 2001 “Why all diseases appeared and how avoid it”

№6(53) “There is no more happiness than be healthy”

№37-38 “Secrets of youth”

№2(10)1998 “Dr. Ignatyev”

№25-26 “Ignatyev answered on questions”

№4-2003 “Scoliosis”

№18.2002 “Don’t miss a chance being healthy”

№7(43) “Vanga’spredictioncame true

№14.2002 “Dr. Ignatyev”

№23-24 “One more meet with Ignatyev”

№12.2003 “To the future healthy”

The newspaper «Tribune Trust «:

20.07.1992 “Doctor from Goroshyno”

The Magazine: “The kitchen”

№17 “People’s doctor”

The newspaper: “Your destiny”:

12.09.2002 “Advices from Ignatyev G.V.”

№14.2002 “Acquaintance with  unique method”

28.08.2002 “Don’t miss a chance of being healthy”

05.09.2002 “Don’t miss a chance of being healthy”

TC (“To be continued…”):

18.12.2000 “A gift given by God”

10.10.2000 “Why human is a sick and how to avoid it”

Good evening:

20.06.2001 “Take care of yourself”

01.05.2001 “Doctor”

Catalog ofHealth:

“Family of Ignatyev’s it is family of Ignatyev’s”

The newspaper «Khreschatyk»:

31.12.1999 “They told her that she will never have children, but she gave birth to 5”

The newspaper«BB(Bulletin of All-Ukrainian)»:

№14(908).1998 Ignatyev Gennady Vasilyevich

Newspaper «For Women»:

06.2000 “People, who don’t scared of fundamental changes

The newspaper “2000”:

31.12.2000 “Junior Ignatyev born in the river”


17.05.2000 “Recipe of youth”

The magazine “My health”:

06.2003 “There is no more happiness than being health”

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