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Modern ideas about treatment effect of manual therapy

Obviously, that modern interpretation of treatment effect of manual therapy is based on progress of vertebrology, orthopedics, Neurology and Neurophysiology. In its most general form new conception can be called like theory of reversible movement disorders. It is based on the theory of functional disorders of the motor system and it is formulate and justify by a strong school of Czech and German researchers (Wolf J., 1946; Lewit К., Janda V., Wolff G.D., 1968).

Modern conception considers mechanisms muscle contractility and pain, and also fascial-ligamentous phenomena in the formation of the reversible movement disorders, where role of so-called functional blockade of the joints are not decisive. In other words, primary dysfunction of neuromotor apparatus of the motor system has predominating place. From this point of view, neuromotor system as an active structure determines the pathogenesis and sanogenesis of features of passive elements of motor system. Active structures, as it knows, are: muscles, ligaments, fascia, with the ability to contract (contractility). Passive structures are: joints, articular cartilage, intervertebral discs, the periosteum.
In its turn pathological changes in passive tissues can cause secondary changes of active elements. In the broad sense of the word, the purpose of manual therapy is treatment effect on both such elements and interruption of pathologies connection between them and recovery of normal (function)   relationships. The point is in features of tissue response “as an answer” on imposed force which is directed on changing parts of someone system according to each other, what can be stretching or contracting , wringing and combining.

The substance of so-called functional pathology (there is a famous contradiction) or reversible pathology are in reducing the amount of active and passive movements, thus limiting the reserve of movement.

Ivanichev G. Manual therapy. Guide. Atlas — Kazan, 1997.

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