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Intervertebral hernia — symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

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What is intervertebral hernia?

Hernia – it is going outanyinnardsfrom the cavity, in which they are normally concluded. This process accompanied by the protrusion of the walls of the cavity that is outgoing of the damaged intervertebral disc from beyond his borders.

Hernia of intervertebral disk (lm hernia,spinaldisc hernia) — one of the most complicated and dangerous disease of musculoskeletal system, in addition it is the most common and the most serious symptom of osteochondrosis of the spine.

The anatomical reference

 Throughthe intervertebral discs vertebral bodies are connected, forming thespine. Every such disk is a plateoffibrocartilage peripheral parts of which are consists from concentric layers ofconnective tissue fibers which  externallyforminga strongfibrous ring and inside is thesoftspringynucleus pulposus. Intervertebral disks are modified with age and elasticdiscnucleus pulposus turn into toughcollagen fiber. This age changing becomes a reason of painful diseases: osteochondrosis and herniaof intervertebraldiscs.

There are some kinds of intervertebral hernia:

  1. Prolapse — protrusion of theherniato 2-3mm;
  2. Disc protrusion — nucleus pulposusdiscdoes not goabroad, protrusion of the hernia  from 4-6 mm to 15 mm at the base;

  3. Extrusion — loss ofdisc coreabroad (hangs as a drop).

Stages of development:

I stagewith the appearance of cracks in the intervertebral discs hernia appeared until to 2-3 mm, frequently there is an irritation ofthe posterior longitudinalligament. In the first stage the nucleus pulposusbulges, disturbed blood circulationin this zone, there is an edema of local tissues, hypoxia ofthe spinal cord, adhesions. As a result of irritation of the spinal nerve branches of the nerve there is vasospasm. Patients have sharp lumbagos in cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine. And also there are minor degenerative processes.
II stage – is characterized by the appearanceof protrusions (4-8-15 мм). Sharp pains in cervical, thoracic, lumbar parts of spine are blunted, but as a result of irritation ofthe posterior longitudinalligament referred painin thearm, leg appeared. There is radicularcompressionsyndrome causes by mechanical compression and tension of the spine. Edema of the spine appeared and disturbed its blood supply. By direct contact of hernia of Intervertebral disk with the root, there is a chemical irritation that causes more intense pain.
III stage – osteophytes actively begin to grow, blood circulation is difficult, there is partialatrophyof the nerve root, nucleus pulposus disc almost is not fulfilling its amortization functions.
IV stage – because of constant pain there is atrophy ofthe surrounding tissues, that is why pain in joints and spine disappeared. This leads to shrinkage and densification of the intervertebral disc, calcined zeromobility of thespine andvertebral — motorjoints — ankylosingblockade.

Depending on the stage, at which the disease is (I-IV), can be predicted result.

The causes of herniated discs:

Causes of hernia can be scoliosis, osteochondrosis, or different traumas, overload for spine, age-related changes, extremes of temperature, visceralreaction (diseases of the internalorgans), what leads to metabolic disordersin the intervertebral disc, viralandrheumatoid factors,  malnutrition, ecology etc.

Treatment of intervertebraldisc hernia at the medical center of Kiev

In treatment of hernias it is necessary to consider age, the presence of chronic disease of the spine, internal organs, joints of the lower limbs, also size of hernias and its locations.

For example, hernia can to put pressure on the inside and the posterior longitudinal ligament, can be posterolateral, anterolateral, lateral, forminalnaya (median), hernia Shmorlja but also can be combined. During the treatment analyzed personal qualities of every patient and prognosing every step of this treatment. 

If there is a “fresh” hernia of small size, it can be almost completely treat by methods of manual treatmentwith the use ofacupuncture. But if there is such problem not one month, but during some years, in this case beginning protective adaptive function - self-regulation body.

In this way manual therapy directed not so muchto reduce thehernia, but on removal of pain syndrome andeliminatethe root causeof the disease, preventing further progression of discogenic disease.

Important! Before the beginning of manipulations do full diagnostic this part of spine with the help of instrumental research (MRI or CT scan, “at the worst – X-ray”).

“Osteochondrosis attack – it is the great way to understand, how perfect our life. You come to manual therapist feels like twistedball ofpain, on the backwards – if you flyon the wings”.

Tested on itself (editor)

Editor: “My back suddenly let me down. I don’t know what she didn’t like: either I half of a day spent at my home computer or breezefrom the balcony.  But when I before the bedtime took hot bath and dozed off here for a short time awakening wasa very unpleasant. Neck, shoulder, right shoulder blade suddenly stiffened and there was a pain when I tried to turn my head.  Even get up and lie down were a problem: I never thing that neck can respond to a tension so acute. Laughing atyourself: “What a wreck in incomplete 30!”, and hoping that anything disappeared at morning, I lay down andfell asleep.»

G. I.:  “Yourbackache«was ready»since childhood. The reason is osteochondrosis.   97% of our citizens are going to this, or have already come.  Since last decades it becomes younger because of sedentarylifestyle. Om X-Ray pictures we can see even teenagers in the age of 14-16 years have intervertebral discs what are skewedandsqueezed; its size only 1-2 mm instead of 3-4 in the thoracic and 8-12 in the lumbar.

Boundary expansion in the vertebraepinchesthe nerve roots that cause discomfort.  Connective tissue increases — «Deposited salts». And once there are additional loads — sudden movements, prolonged standingor sitting, overheating, undercooling, sleep on the hard bed – can cause sharp pain.

Editor: “Nothing happens at morning. Additionally arm was numb. Tormented all day in office and heard a lot of “diagnoses” as “you catch a cold somewhere”, I smearedwith a special ointment at night. It burns me all night. I saw dreams about some poor guy, who was boiled alive. But i didn’t feel treatment effect”.

G. I.: “It is very common mistake. Actually any warming procedures, even bath or sauna, contraindicated when you have backache.  You additionally “warmed” sharp inflammatory process , in  which the defeat temperature is already high.»

Editor: “You should to go to good manual therapist”, — said my colleague. She dictated number of Ignatiev Gennady Vasilyevich. But she warned me: “The procedureis verypainful!” Painful? Yes I am on the rack was ready to do - just to help! Session with manual therapist began not with massage as I imagine. At first doctor started my medical card – and wrote here results of long hours conversation. What traumas and diseases I had, do Ihave time torelaxafter work hours – he was interested in everything. Unwillinglyremembered, how one my friend «Reduce a neck» to everyone who wishand do not wish – without any questions. Maybe it is for better, that I did go.«

G.I.: “There is no trifle for specialist here. Before procedures you need to have full anamnes about you patient. For example, if patient recently had insult or heart surgery, any manipulations with the spine are dangerous for him!”

Editor: As you fill cards disparatesymptoms, what I noticed before in myself, foldedinto a singleimage. Yes, to the end of a day my legs frequently tired and numb. Yes, some years ago there was such accident with my back as now but disease disappeared without my help.”

G.I.: “Actually it is not disappeared, but lurking and continued to developing. Osteochondrosis unbelievable fast grow from the scoliosis and took his the most serious stage. But most ignore it, continue to launch itself and their children. «Do notcomplain– so it is well«, said one mom to me recently. Parents often “do not notice”, that their children have impaired posture, curved back, flat feet, fatigue, delayed growth and developmentThey panic, seeing round-shouldered teenager who is unable to reach his hands to the floor, when he lean forward. For example, you come with asymmetric blades, shoulder girdle, waist triangles, the iliac crest, the deformation of costal arches.

Children who have treatment and prophylaxis in my medical center from the birth haven’t such problems.

Editor: “When there was very close examination. It was found outsomething Icould not imagine: my skeleton kinked so much, that one leg shorter than another by two centimeters!”

G.I.: “Such difference was because of beveledpelvis.  Organism, trying to adapt to thedisplacement of the centerof gravity, answered muscleasymmetry. In this case any additional physical loads — swimming or medical gymnastics, — do not eliminate the problem, but “fixed”. That is why I am usually beginning from the returning centerof gravity to thefinal location. “

Editor: “Procedures were not so “cruel” as I imagined. But it wasn’t like a massage. It was like a repair. The doctor agile gently pulled my arms, legs, a head, and at times was doing something like trying to tie me in a knot. My jointswere crackingandsnapping. Crackle and snap back when Ignatyev told exhale and precisely pressed her palms. It feels like I many years I was assembledincorrectly and now they mount me right. After that you feel yourself unusually easy and high. And…. Stop! There is my backache? Something interfere here, my neck turns some difficulty, — but there is a pain?”

G. I.: “Sometimes for instantimprovement of condition it is enoughto push thetwo vertebrae, and the third will be able to return to his place. But you have toknow whereand how hardto push. You can’t push at random and hit or miss — on a «maybe you are lucky.» You can hurt so much, that specialist will not correct it for a year. “

Editor: “Maybe I just have not a time to run the disease. One heavy set man in the age of 50, who into cabinet of Ignatyev practically brought on hands, said how it hurts without ceasing.  But he came out on his legs with a smile. Maybe I came out the same.”

G. I.: “It is good that you come to me know, not a year ago. When you wouldn’t be able to raise your hand above the head – because of shorten ligaments and calcification of the joint capsule. Osteochondrosis deprives springs of the spine and condemn inner organs for chronic diseases. It disturbed blood circulation in joints and brain because of obstructedvenous outflow and affects of the pressure.  A skewedpelvis putdownone kidney, and there are problems with prostate, ovaries andreproductive system. Woman who has osteochondrosis frequently can’t normally conceive and carry a child. By the way, having such problem she constantly looking for lessuncomfortableposition also deformed spine of unborn baby. So, diseaseis inherited, develops with the person and finally – makes him disabled. “

Editor: “Trying to safe from this, you can have really painful procedure — acupuncture. It is pushing by ordinary matches on some points on back, hands, legs, head… It is feeling like the skin pierces with a piece of wood. “

G. I.: “Actually in constant to needles, it is not pierce. So there is no risk to bring an infection. If you combine acupuncture and manual therapy you can get fantastic results. But, again, you should to know at what depthandat what angle topress.  And don’t get perniciouseffect instead of beneficial. “

Editor: «At the next session a week ago, when edema has gone, doctor took up my medication thoroughly. There is no crunch of the bones but I had acupuncture on my whole body. But – it is miracle! – I can touch a chest by my chin and freely turn round my head. Third session was “control” and short. At the fourth session I came a month ago during that time in the morning and in the evening set of simple exercises prescribed by doctor.

Now only a slight numbness, sometimes moving to the fingers of the right hand remembers about my latest pains. ”The residual phenomenon – said Dr. Ignatyev. – Nerve roots need a time to recover.”

In generally I feel myself fantastic. It is like I won a million or learned to fly. But before I didn’t notice what a wealth to turn around, shrug and nod to a friend.”

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