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Treatment of backache

If you had timely treatment, you can forget about backache, stop progression of many diseases and also avoid back surgery. Unfortunately, not every person knows to which specialist to address for passing the necessary treatment. We ask a specialist in manual therapy with 30 years experience, founder of the “Medical center of Dr. Ignatiev» Ignatiev Gennady Vasilyevich for answers to your questions.

-Unfortunately, we all used to seek the solution of the problem in spheres of knowledge what we know. That is to say in the closer place and more convenient to look. Every specialist should to mind his own business.

Manual medicine – it is ancient art of doctoring.  With the help of manipulation, hand, sighting, soft, tensile, restraints, energy techniques, we can easy and simply treat a lot of diseases. On the other hand, one careless movement by a layman and the patient may be in a wheelchair rest of his life. There are many contraindications to chiropractic manipulation. A person, who is going to make a correction of your spine and joints, must know all this contraindications.

In our time it is hard to find a person, who don’t know about backache chamber in the lower back or how difficult sometimes to get out of bed because of pain. But not every person knows, how it can be really dangerous, what can cause it and the most important how treat pain that you have.

Backache it is only one of symptom, in certain diseases of the spine. Scoliosis, low back pain, herniated discs, sciatica are the most common diseases, what are the cause of backache in 90 %. Much less pain appeared as the result of some disruptions. As practice shows, you can forget about pain, stop progression, avoid possible complications, if you go to a specialist in time.

Not every person knows that incorrect posture that emerged in childhood, appear again only in adulthood. You start to ask yourself “Why my parents didn’t prevent this?” “Why my body aches?” Such disease as scoliosis started in childhood. The most often it is manifested in 7-8 years old and in 12 – 14 years old as scoliotic posture. In the same time, the child’s organism is rapidly developing. It is possible to affect on formation of scoliosis only till to 13 – 14 years old. It is a mistake to believe, that every child and teenager has a scoliosis and there is no need to treat it. If there is a scoliosis, you need to stop its progression, eliminate the pain and slow down the aging process of the spine. Scoliosis is dangerous   over time it leads to the rapid aging of the spine: osteochondrosis, cause pain, there will be breaches in health. Scoliosis affects the internal organs such as — lungs, kidneys, heart, lung and formed renal failure. It is broken the centre of gravity, there is an overload on many joints, including in spine and internal organs. They faster “wear out” and aged.

Such disease as osteochondrosis, appears as a result of “old age of spine”. One can have it in 50 years old, another in 20 years old, but sometimes person can have in 10 years old.  Sings of osteochondrosis surely alarming and scared. Ones of its symptoms are: dizziness, numbness of fingers, different pain, arms, legs, vascular dystonia. Sometimes it can also be loss of consciousness, unbearable headache, unsteadiness when walking and other.

Besides this, osteochondrosis is dangerous because of complications. The most frequent complications are intervertebral hernia, sciatica. If you have an intervertebral hernia, it is become more difficult for you to move around, you have a horrible pain, low back pain, what extending to your leg or in the neck and you have headaches.

If you want to get rid of back pain, first of all it is necessary to eliminate the main cause of pain. Do not try to “heal” the problem, as can offer to you at the next course of massage or spending anesthesia. If new “fresh” intervertebral hernia small size formed, it can be virtually painless removed for some procedures.  But if patient does not protect itself, later there can appeared such complications as inability to walk, spontaneous loss of consciousness, infringement herniated discs and when it can be necessary to have a surgery.

Every person decides by himself, when he seeks qualified service, to prevent the progressive of disease. Some people go with their children to the doctors to prevent scoliosis. Other are already in the 20 years hoping that the pain will pass by itself, but it is not for a years. Still others go to the next surgery in the hope that will be able to walk again. But if fact, if in time take the necessary treatment, a surgery can be avoided and forget about backache.

A case from practice

Patient M. complained of backache when she walking, «boards” between the shoulder blades, periodic headaches, noise in the ears, unsteadiness whenwalking. Backache is worried over the past 5 years. She had a course of massage therapy domiciliary, neurologist conducted blockades and medication. It became worse after a hike in a bath, there was unbearable pulling pain, and it became painful to walk. After consultations and examinations, there was 5 treatment sessions for patient. Gradually pain is gone; there is no unsteadiness whenwalking now. During the first month all symptoms are disappeared, mobility of the spine has increased.

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